Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Into the Deep (2012)

Into the Deep

Ivy was best friends with Christy, Tiana, and Eliza. their midnight party by the pool side landed her under the water, almost drown, and hit her head under the water. when she woke up, she discovered that she had the ability to listen to people's thoughts. due the the ability, she was able to truly see who her real friends were. she got closer to Brant, a delinquent who was a far better friend that anyone expected. at the same time, she heard a thought that wanted the death of every student on campus. with the help of Brant, she had to figure out whose secret planning it was, and stop them before it was too late.

Into the Deep (2012) was an entertaining read. it stood out for being so different and intriguing. Ivy was a seemingly innocent character until she obtained the ability to read thoughts. she went through the struggle of containing the ability to acceptance, which finally put it to good use. romance wise, she was so perfect with Brant that made them delicious to look at. him helping her with her ability came somewhat on the right timing, which was when her ability drew her crazy yet she failed to confine her secret to anyone else. the bombing was completely unpredictable and became an almost interesting side plot. Ivy's growth was obvious, from being a follower, she transformed into someone that could handle big happenings without crumbling like she expect herself to. there were so much going on that there were no dull moments in Into the Deep (2012).

author: Lauryn April
published: 2012
genre: Fantasy/Romance

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