Saturday, November 24, 2012

She Lies Twisted (2012)

She Lies Twisted

death followed Neil everywhere. first her father, then mother, then her twin sister Jessica. now it had taken away the only person she could rely on, her best friend Boyd. she now lived in her Grandmother's house, but unfortunately Grandma Willow was too senile to even recognized Neil, where she was often found lost in her own world. overwhelmed with sadness, Neil went to the beach with the hope of saying her last goodbye to Boyd. but before she knew it, she was pushed from the cliff, plunging into the rocks, by a form that took the appearance of Jessica.

She Lies Twisted (2012) was somewhat tragic and dark, but inspiring and unique. the paranormal aspect of life after death was surprisingly original and engaging. there were quite an amount of emotional moments for Neil, though most of them repetitive. it can be frustrating but in one way or another, helped in building the atmosphere and feelings towards each character as it was seen in Neil's eyes. she was a character easy to relate to, but slightly too depressive to be lovable. James was there to provide a little romance and friendship for the story.

author: C.M. Stunich
published: 2012
genre: Paranormal

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