Thursday, November 22, 2012

I, Emma Freke (2010)

I, Emma Freke

Emma was a 12-year-old, but her six feet tall figure gave her a hard time, her bright red hair made her stood out, while her name Emma Freke, if read slowly became "Am a Freak" only made matter worst. she was an outcast in school, often being laughed at. she was raised by her mother Donatella, a 47-year-old that dated more often than possible, leaving Emma behind to take care of her bead shop. one day, she received an invitation to attend the Frekes' family reunion. while she was too tall, too pale to the others, she was actually considered the prettiest among the Frekes. soon Emma discovered that Donatella wasn't as bad a mother as she thought, there were far more terrible situation at the reunion.

I, Emma Freke (2010) was an easy read. Emma was an awkward child, but absolutely lovable. having to take care of herself and the adults around her, she matured much more sooner than an average 12-year-old. her redeeming her self-esteem while meeting with relatives she never once knew exist, was somewhat ironic. the story was often entertaining and humorous, especially coming from friends of Emma, who were often outgoing and cheerful, while completely adored Emma. the journey of watching Emma grew into herself was so delightful and heartwarming that it made I, Emma Freke (2010) an absolutely pleasant read.

author: Elizabeth Atkinson
published: 2010
genre: Drama

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  1. Yeah. It does sound like a good book to read. And of course...what a name she has. :D