Friday, November 16, 2012

Keeping Secrets #2: Saving Zoë (2007)

Saving Zoë

Echo was an avarage teenage going through high school, but also dealing with the murder of her sister Zoë. Zoë was the one who held their family together, the loud and outspoken, beautiful and full of life sister, who was a complete opposite of Echo. the tragedy changed everything, her family had fallen apart, crumbling under the pressure. one day Marc, Zoë's boyfriend showed up with her diary. out of curiosity, Echo started reading and learned that her sister led a secret life that no one could have guessed.

even though i was expecting, even hoping for something major to be recorded inside Zoë's diary, it turned out Zoë was just another teenager that partied too much and wanted to be someone famous. this part of her was hidden so well that even Echo failed to notice. while Echo attempt to hang onto Marc just to feel close to Zoë, Marc did the same, both equally lost and refused to move on. Saving Zoë (2007) wasn't about literally saving Zoë from being murder, but just revealing what impact her death did to those she left behind. despite trying to be touching and engaging, the plot was as dull as Faking 19 (2005). it took way too long to reveal that there were actually nothing much going on for the whole book. 2 bad books in a row, i truly prefer Alyson Noel in her absolutely delicious Immortals series (2009-2010) than these aimless teen novels.

author: Alyson Noel
published: 2007
genre: Drama/Romance

Keeping Secrets series:
- Faking 19 (2005)
- Saving Zoë (2007)

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