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Answer~ Keishichou Kenshou Sousakan (2012)

Answer ~ Keishichou Kenshou Sousakan

the police was expected to swiftly solve cases. but when crime scenes detectives responded to those expectations, they sometimes jumped to a wrong conclusions. Shinkai was newly assigned to the Evidence Verification Section, where they were given the responsibility to prevent incorrect convictions sentenced by the crime scenes detectives. before Shinkai came, the department only corrected typographical errors before approving the documents. but the moment Shinkai became their leader, her sharp minded personality insisted on verifying every single case themselves. when suspicions were found, she would overturned the case and find the true criminals.

being outspoken and intolerable, Shinkai outshone even the crime scenes detectives. while her team was originally comfortable staying in the office, never had any experience whatsoever on the field, she brought them out into the world for investigations that eventually built up their characteristic and sensitiveness. professionalism was also brought onto the table frequently, proving that just because the detectives were the best in their department and jobs, it still doesn't mean that they were always correct. while Shinkai was glittering in the spotlight, her team was her comedic support. they were fun and impressive to watch, struggling with their very best effort to get the truth out in the open, where their hard work would eventually paid off, earning them the satisfaction of being recognized as competent officers.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episodes: 9
- released: 2012
- casts: Mizuki Arisa (観月ありさ), Tanabe Seiichi (田辺誠一), Igarashi Shunji (五十嵐隼士), Tachibana Keita (橘慶太), Matsushige Yutaka (松重豊), Kataoka Tsurutaro (片岡鶴太郎), Endo Kenichi (遠藤憲一), Mashima Hidekazu (眞島秀和), Kazami Shingo (風見しんご)
- language: Japanese
- genre: Mystery

Answer ~ Keishichou Kenshou Sousakan
Answer ~ Keishichou Kenshou Sousakan
Answer ~ Keishichou Kenshou Sousakan
Answer ~ Keishichou Kenshou Sousakan
Answer ~ Keishichou Kenshou Sousakan

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  1. I guess that she was not entirely welcomed in the beginning?