Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Now or Never.

had been troubled for quite some times. stuff in life that just doesn't go the way i hoped. stuff that i can't work on my own. stuff that require consistent teamwork. stuff n efforts that - if possible - last for the rest of my life.

during the trip to Sematan, i discussed the issue with a couple, both my closer friends. i was given a lot of opinions n suggestions. yet in the end, it still depends on what i choose to do. by listening, it changes the way i think, it smoothen the way i feel, yet it doesn't change anything toward the issue. n so it was decided, it will be "now or never" ..

at this very moment, i'm more than grateful that things worked out a lot better. my feelings were voiced n heard. n most importantly, accepted. for both our parts, actions speak louder than words. one person triggered the issue, the other reacted at first, n later responded.

as a result, the "distance" decreases. n the "closeness" increases. for now, the challenge is to keep it consistent n an on-going effort. again, it is teamwork. but toward a better future, efforts n sacrifices are required. we are, in fact, two totally different person to start with. understanding, acceptance, n tolerance are far most the important attitudes in any relationship.

for that, i thank god for the lesson learned today, n for giving me the strength not to give up.

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