Sunday, July 01, 2007

Tachibana Keita 橘慶太

Tachibana Keita

keita has now got his own solo career as well as being in a band. he mentioned that "w-inds" is a big part of him. therefore "w-inds" will not be disbanding.

i was surprised when i saw his solo single. thinking "ah! why did he left w-inds behind!". but luckily he ain't. hehe. hope he won't. below is keita's latest single - "Friend", released in May 02, 2007.

some backgrounds on keita:
- name: Tachibana Keita (橘慶太)
- born: December 16, 1985
- origin : Fukuoka, Japan
- band: W-inds (lead vocal)
- talent: extraordinary vocal range (he can hit notes 6-8 chords higher than the average male)

backgrounds on w-inds (ウインズ):
- origin: Shibuya, Tōkyō
- members: Tachibana Keita, Chiba Ryohei (千葉涼平), Ogata Ryuichi (緒方龍一)
- genre: J-pop

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