Thursday, July 05, 2007


have you the urge to know someone so well that you want to turn that person inside out? n i do mean "every sides" of that person. even the frustration, the anger, the impatience side of him/her.

during an incident last night, watching from aside for the whole time, i saw the rushing n the frustration. the sides of that person which i rarely sees. at that very moment, my heart was filled with a sudden warmth n a tingling sensation. n i found myself smiling, during which the situation i ain't suppose to smile. quickly looked around at those who are there, hoping no one notices, n hide my smile. *mischievous* i was just so thrilled to find a new side of that person!

the look so real, so alive. i totally fell for it. it causes me to recall repetitively throughout the night ..


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