Monday, March 17, 2008


having you stood behind me, while our reflection stared back at us in the mirror, i was stunned to find myself Glowing like Yvaine in Stardust !!

how long has the world seemed dim n hopeless ?? has all the agony n misery finally paid off ?? have you just waved your invisible magic wand n reveal the sparkling path towards Happiness ??

我慢強い期待する ..


  1. how long has it been? keep asking that myself too.

    on photograph: lovely, something like this saves someone from sulking. :)

  2. Invisible magic want~~ sparkling path towards Happiness~~ so poetic! :)

  3. caca: am glad it made you feel less sulky. do hold on strong to faith. best regards to you always. :)

    宝茹: *blushed* thanks for the sweet compliment. glad you enjoyed it. ;)