Wednesday, April 02, 2008


my heart ached n my body shook as i suppressed the anger, tears welled up in my eyes as i watched her being toyed n stringed like a puppet. she deserves so much better than this. trying to talk her out of it, but what more can i do ??

the thought that condemned her - agreed that this is her fate n she owes it to him - scares me terribly, as she is the one i held closely to my heart, the one i feared most to lose. i watched in hatred, clenching my fists, as he turned his back on her, pushing her the way he wanted.

where has the kind-hearted gentleman disappeared ?? the one i knew before he hold her hand in marriage. who is that cold-hearted beast that hung a tauting smile on his face now ??

love is suppose to be beautiful, not easy but still beautiful. marriage is suppose to be sacred, required hardwork but still sacred. not fake .. anything but fake .. i swayed in my steps, as i watched in horror. this is not how it's suppose to be .. no ....

どうしよう ..


  1. I gotta track this if youre comfortable in telling me that is :)

  2. you're back !! *bounce excitedly* sure, i won't mind telling you the "story" if it doesn't bored you. :)

  3. [どうしよう]
    What mean?

    Regarding this post, it sounds like a friend of yours is not doing too well in a marriage? o_o

  4. [どうしよう] meant "what should i do". my sister, to be exact. yup, indeed it wasn't .. *sad*