Monday, April 07, 2008


everyone dislike her for their own reason - lazy, easily angered, bossy, you named it .. i, for one, isn't one of them. we all have our own little attitude problems. in my point of view, she is "real", she never fake herself, or care to pretend that she is an angel.

when a stealing case occurred, she was immediately being pointed fingers at. 3 against 1. although i do not side any of them, but neither am i fascinated with the fact that they back-stab each other like it's nobody's business.

who is the mastermind behind this ?? who is the one manipulating others ?? unpleasant indeed. but Truth will reveal itself when time comes ..

待ってる ..


  1. well, hope no one can be manipulated by anyone...!!
    except me... hahahahahha

  2. akira: someone i knew. in fact, i knew all of them !! haha. *chanting: not judging .. not judging ..*

    evangeline: psycho at lurk !! XD