Saturday, April 12, 2008

Tag: Reasons I Blog

i was tagged by -caca- to reveal any conscious reasons that causes me to blog. had almost never gave it a thought, interesting !! thanks for the tag, -caca- !!
(1) similar to the reason i read, watch movie or anime -- to satisfy my thirst of discovering new ideas.

(2) to express myself -- some called me "emotional", others called me "poetic", there's this thing about literatures n languages that fascinates me.

(3) to uncover more interesting terms n phrases n idioms.

(4) to share my "treasures" n discoveries ..

(5) to know more friends, even if it is just virtual-buddies.

(6) to enjoy n uncover beauty. to me personally, languages, music, drawings are all part of the beauty presented by the world.

(7) to arouse my senses. blogging itself has causes me to look around myself with more fascination n care, to start observing -- the sky above me, the people around me, or even the unnoticeable trivial matters ..
i believe we grew over time, along with our thoughts n perspectives. a wise man once told us, "it is pitiful not to grow Up, while you are growing Old". aging never stops, if our mind doesn't grow along with us, it is not something to be bragged as "young", it is just "childish" ..

*remembering n again, Grateful, for an old friend that once lend me a helping hand, n led me away from depression*


  1. hug you back levian. :) stay as sweet as you are. hmmm, how about sweeter. :)

    avoid childish ways, however keep the child-lie ones. :)

  2. 宝茹: haha, glad to know you indeed. ;)

    caca: so glad that you agreed !! so difficult to find someone with similar thought lately. :D