Friday, May 30, 2008

The Phantom of the Opera (2004)

The Phantom of the Opera

a very enchanting n powerful musical !! the plot is simple -- a triangle love story. she does seemed kinda blurred being toyed between the 2 men. but overall, it was a Sensational drive. the theater, for one thing, is absolutely fabulous !! the music, don't even get me started, reached so deep into you that it thrills you !! can't stop listening to its Soundtrack ever since, letting it arouses me n bringing me back to the scenes !!

some backgrounds on the movie:
- author: Gaston Leroux
- director: Joel Schumacher
- released: 2004
- casts: Gerard Butler, Emmy Rossum, Patrick Wilson
- language: English
- genre: Musical/Gothic


  1. Have not watched this movie before, so no comment on that.

    I did read this story before, and watch erm ... movies based on this story? I watched it as a kid so it must a much older movie. :p

    Should be all the same, right? Love story, musical, singing here and there, not so happy ending. -_-

  2. watch this and sing this song too.....especially the theme song....
    aahahaaha,my friend and I will sing it, but with gila version....hahhahaha

    maybe next time can team up with Sarah=p

    (I even bought that books,but my english is.......forget that book I still put in a corner=p)

  3. Try to watch Enchanted, very similar to this movie from what I read but it's really good.

  4. deimos tel`arin: uh-huh, would love it much more if she followed the phantom, the second guy in the triangle is just so .. typical. *shrug* i bet she chooses him just because he "looks" normal. XD

    joshuaun: "gila version" huh, i .. don't wanna imagine. XD wow, you love it more than i do !! the only book filmed into a movie that i bought, is "Queen of the Damned". :P

    elezend: oooo !! i watched, of course !! i would Never be left behind for a fairy tale. the link here: Enchanted. ;)

  5. wah.. then I suggest star dust (2007 if I'm not mistaken)

    But better be prepared for the boring first part of the movie!

  6. i .. herm .. watched that too. the link here: stardust. XD

  7. 又有新推荐了...XD


  8. I watched Enchanted before, very nice movie. :D

    Star Dust is love story also? O_O

    Wah, levian so gosu, watch so many movies before! O_O

  9. your link has been added in my site under section blogroll-L.

    pls add mine too:

    Anchor Text: Film Asia


    Film Asia

  10. @deimos Star dust is also a love story

    What is gosu?

  11. hopping here...time of my visit...have a great day!

  12. 梦幻园主之雯: 但不是什么新戏,所以需要下载。很高兴你会喜欢那新歌哦,呵呵!

    deimos tel`arin: a "fairy tale" to be exact, hehe. yea, what is "gosu" ?? *puzzled*

    anonymous: thanks for the link exchange, i've added yours as well. :)

    lispeth: thanks for dropping by.

  13. @elezend, levian:

    Basically, it means 1337! :D

  14. this movie is quite long already rite?

    i remember i watch this movie 2 year ago, is a nice movie, but a lot people don like, said it is bored

  15. haven't seen the movie yet but i have the cd.

    have a great weekend.

  16. deimos tel`arin: 高手 !! it's a compliment !! *danced around happily* XD can't say no to many movies, it's a (proud) addiction. :P

    icalvyn: it was filmed in 2004. i guess it won't be appreciated if one can't accept operas or musical kinda movies. like Deimos mentioned, it is another sad ending. but definitely worth watching !! :D

    alf: you should try watching it if you love musicals. ;)

  17. Speaking of addiction for this passionate music and love story. I watched the musical 3 times and the movie 1 time.
    Comparision to Les`Miserables, I think the latter is better. Maybe its because of the singer Lea Solonga or whatever her name is.. she is really fantastic. Check her out on -->
    Need to chalk more marks on Les Mis. So waiting for the next time they return. But i'll miss Lea's voice coz she won't be acting in it anymore. T.T

  18. wow, she does sang very well !! *impressed* her voice really reaches into the soul. so she's like doing theaters n operas n stuff ?? i don't suppose she did movies before, else i would have noticed. :P

  19. Very nice movie, everything is just great.


    The magical voice and expression

  21. alvin: totally. :)

    marcus: she is wonderful !! i found the original version of A Whole New World. have you caught We Could Be in Love ?? it is fantastic !! :D

  22. Wow, i actually didn't see that! Oh my... a girl with an angelic singing voice really captures heart. I'm think i'm falling in love!