Wednesday, July 09, 2008


a lost-license case shouldn't be difficult to imagine, especially the owner's frustration !! as a bystander of the recent occurrence of such case, i felt pretty much contended after the chaos finally ended.
the reason ?? simple .. cause i'm Involved !!
(what more can you ask for in a relationship ??)
appreciation filled me completely throughout the process. actions that i'm able to perform are truly limited, other than giving my support n companionship, n trying to make things as cheerful n optimistic as i can.

involvement itself meant so great to me. everyone can handle the happy moments or good attitudes, how about the bad n challenging ones ?? obviously we ain't perfect to start with. now this is the part i would refer to Life as "Interesting".



  1. Yeah, everyone can handle the happy moments or good attitudes, but not all can handle the bad and challenging ones... I think I can handle some of them =p.

    How about you?

  2. Lost license?

    My dad the other day also lost his and unfortunately we had a road block but fortunately, I brought my license as well so he was kinda "saved" and didn't get saman-ed

    Then, he went to the JPA place and told them to extend his driving license (didn't tell them he lost it) so he only had to pay RM 90 overall to get a brand new license, lol.

  3. Boyfriend lost his driving license? o_-;;;

  4. lost????????????

    walao...........this would be very troublesome.....


  5. akira: "some of them" won't be enough. ;) my concept is definitely to accept all of it, even if we were to struggle to accept. it's about not changing a person, isn't it ?? :)

    elezend: he didn't need to report the lost ?? wow, we actually went to report it for $2 before replacing a new one with $20. how about the availability years ?? overwrite the current ??

    deimos: it's totally the police's fault. kopi-o thingy ?? n didn't return it to him. dang, they can at least try to be a little more responsible ..

    joshua: yea totally !! it took quite a few trips around town just to fix the problem.

  6. Ya you are correct... From the process of handle the bad and challenging ones, I bet we can get precious experience too! XD

  7. totally !! now that's the spirit. :D these experience are non exchangeable as well eh. ;)

  8. Yea, he didn't report anything; just his old license =3

    He extended the driving license for another 3 years ^^"

  9. elezend: so he just head over n said he wanna extend his license for 3 years n pay the $90 ?? wow, that's like .. so simple !! XD

  10. Yeah lol that's also because my dad is good in acting and wasn't bothered to tell the girl that he lost his license

  11. elezend: wow !! that felt like "running from the law" or something. XD i don't really understand these stuff. but from most of the cases i heard, i thought Reporting the lost is a must ??