Monday, December 08, 2008


another day going up n down the hill like a roller coaster. while i was still anxious on how it will turn out, things unfold surprisingly well. portraying the difference between those willing to work with you, n those who doesn't. an thrilling achievement indeed!
extra note: modem had been down for 2 days, 3 including today. however it isn't completely hopeless. temporarily using -piggy- 's modem while having mine troubleshooted.



  1. No wonder I didnt see you online for few days... :P

    I will be busy starting tomorrow till this sunday ya! The camp!!! XD

  2. Glad to hear that my princess is hanging on fine there! Missing you as always *hug*

    hope you will have ur modem fixed soon :)

    Good nite, Princess! XX

  3. You always write vaguely.'s like there's something going on, but you want people to guess what it is. :)

    Anyway, that's cool. :D

  4. akira: whole week eh? best of luck there! i'll be hoping to still catch you in blog? ;)

    barbie: thanks princess, you're such a sweetheart. ;) i hope so too. luckily ain't left without one currently, else it'll be quite a drag.

    宝茹: i write vaguely to protect those around me. as emotional as i am, i didn't like pointing fingers. however the one i'm talking about would know. on the other hand, i like exploring my writings too. :p

  5. Hehe, I will be back on Sunday evening! I will let my blog to have some "holidays"... XD

  6. akira: your blog is on holiday too? that means we won't see you around then?

  7. Yup, I will be back on Sunday... Later will have one post to notify everyone where I will be away then...

  8. akira: will have to wait till you're back then. have fun while you're there! :D