Friday, December 05, 2008


a huge letdown when one randomly decides when n where to be friendly. tolerate n agreeable during basis stage of bonding; patience wore out in advancement, the invisible claws exposed. though sadden with the outcome; but grateful towards the incompetent skills thus exposed flaws.

悲しいた性格ついに発見する ..


  1. I like the expresion of the cloud...i don't how u say it but just being different attitude maybe

  2. Who decided when and where to be friendly? Is attitude or personality can decide with?

  3. I think not many ppl are able to choose whether or not to "look" friendly or such, it depends on the way other people see us, I believe. Somehow people said I look like a one cheerful girl, but I don't really feel like one lol...

  4. Eh dun anyhow say dun anyhow say. Later i start to feel guilty for not showing my face too often here. Put place put time. We have a showdown to get ourselves really "acquainted".. monkey vs baboon.


  5. I like the photo of the sky! Yes, that's such a letdown but that's really their problem, and we move on.

  6. mica: thanks! it's not easy putting a photograph into words, no worries. :)

    akira: i don't understand you. what do you mean? decide what? i'm totally lost.

    barbie: nothing to do with how they "look" really. i know this person for quite a while already. recently, after some conflicts occurred, i'm not sure .. maybe our friendship isn't as important as i thought it is. guess that's why i'm disappointed.

    marcus: so now you feel like i'm talking about you eh? guilty you are. :p say, where n when is the pouncing held?

    foongpc: thanks! :) true, your point taken, but i'm kinda unwilling to accept such fragile friendship. all those works ended up as zero.

    : thanks! :)

  7. "when one decides when n where they wanna be friendly"... This phrase...

  8. akira: it was such a letdown when one decides "when n where they wanna be friendly".

    i mean they decide when they want to be friendly, n why they want to be friendly. which part confused you?

  9. Oh, the first comment I meant was who made the decision? So far as I concerned, I dont like this attitude...