Wednesday, December 10, 2008

USB Warm Gloves

office has been awfully cold! for that, we are keen with extremely thick sweaters n gloves.

Thanko (Japan) introduced a USB warm gloves - the "Kumasan" model, this December 2008. the gloves features built-in heat generator powered by USB connection. there are no price nor indication that it will be released outside of Japan, but this is definitely one cool gadget to look out for!


  1. cool~
    too bad @ here v have to wait a long period to get such latest stuff. T_T

  2. That is so cute! But will we have the problem of typing?

  3. 蕴如: thanks.

    foongpc: i feel like laying my hands on them. :p

    renge: expected i guess, hehe. but it's cool, at least we know what's happening around the globe. :)

    akira: if you look closely at the picture, the fingers are exposed. unless one need to look at the keyboard to type, i don't think that'll be a problem. :D

  4. Finger is exposed... I'm guessing maybe the center would be warmer, so if you just clench your fist your finger will get warm...

    anything cute will sell in japan..

    Er.. how long is the wire?

  5. should find out where to buy....
    and can get one for u...

  6. oms: 是咯,我也很想要一个呢,呵呵!

    rollakid: 140cm. i added the link in my post, the details are listed on the site.

    bun: available in japan. so are we going to japan next? =3

  7. OH MY GOD! SO Cute! Barbie want this hah hah... but hmm... wondeing if we can still manage our speed with this lovely gloves on lol... ^ ^

  8. barbie: i sure hope so! especially when we dance across the keyboard like nobody's business. that sure is one feeling i don't wanna miss! ;)