Monday, January 19, 2009

yuki (ゆき、雪)..

Yuki (Moto v3x)

my punk toyed with the yellow striped snake again. every time he finished biting this type of snake's head off, he would vomit soon after. something to do with the snake's blood?

Headless Snake (Moto v3x)


  1. Wow! He's so naughty! Killing the snake for fun?

  2. akira: i've never seen them before. i'm not exactly sure where he had gotten them from. :p

    oms: 嗯,我也不清楚什么原因呢。

    foongpc: i'm quite sure he will eat it if he can.

  3. Errmmmmmmm....... this scares me la .. i dun like snakes...

  4. cute cat that was...Hello Friend,i found your Blog quite intresting.Well i am also quite new to this blogging world.So now i am searching for my new friends.I hope you can be my one my friend forever.So i have added you in my blog roll.Hope you will also add me in your friends list.Anyways my dear friend happy Blogging....And stay in touch.Bye.

  5. This fella is a good hunter! LOL

  6. dav: neither do i, but the point is the cat, not the snake. :)

    hapi: er .. i already have a favicon?

    vishalini: thanks for dropping by. :)

    pete: n contributor. :p

  7. Maybe he caught them at other place? Haha, just beware of big snake ya...

  8. akira: he caught one big one back then, mum was so afraid. i helped him when the snake circled its body around him. hitting it with a stick, quite scary!