Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zoowear Kuma

Zoowear Kuma Advertisement

love pink?

Focal Point Computer released a cute, new silicon case for iPod Nano - the Zoowear Kuma. it is just a normal silicon case, however the earphone cable can be rolled at the back side of the case. released in July 2008.

Zoowear Kuma Gadget


  1. Another cute gadget being introduced by you!!

    Hehe, since when you are so into these kind of cute gadgets? :P

  2. ahhh so cutee!!

  3. akira: you're the first to notice! :D i'm not sure what started it, but i had been searching for stuff like these recently. :p

    sharon: because you're another pink addict. :p

  4. i like blue and purple more than pink~ ^^

  5. oms: i'm not sure if it is available is so many colors though. :)

  6. Love pink? Yes! Yes! a thousand times YES! So cute, Princess! Barbie want it! for Ipod Nano too!!! What a perfect match! I haven't got the case for my pinky ipod until now :( I drop it once, and it got scratched :( but oh well, gonna look for this lovely pinky gadget! ^ ^ *muack*