Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Tag: First Alphabet

Doll (Picture)

was tagged by -sharon- n -monica- for the "First Alphabet" award/tag. the requirement is to: answer all questions using the First Letter of my name. not a difficult task, but sure squeeze some brain juice off my brain!
what is your name :Levian
a four letter word :Love
a boy’s name :Lance
a girl’s name :Lynn
an occupation :Lawyer
a color :Lavender
something you’ll wear :Lip gloss
a type of food :Laksa
something in the bathroom :Listerine
a place :London
a reason for being late :Lost track of the time.
something you shout :Let's go!
a movie title :L change the world
something you drink :Lime Juice
a musical group :Linkin Park
a street name :Limbang Street
a type of car :Land Rover
a song title :Love will find a way (Lion King II)
a verb :Like

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