Thursday, October 15, 2009

Personality Test: Chain Questions

Doll (Picture)

  1. do you like your appearance? Yes:Q2 No:Q5

  2. read books or newspapers daily? Yes:Q6 No:Q3

  3. change a whole set of clothing daily? Yes:Q11 No:Q7

  4. uneasy when your body feels slightly uncomfortable? Yes:Q8 No:Q9

  5. often late? Yes:Q6 No:Q4

  6. too excited to sleep before important days? Yes:Q4 No:Q9

  7. can't eat after being scolded? Yes:Q10 No:Q11

  8. look at the expiry date before drinking its milk? Yes:Q12 No:Q13

  9. dislike clothing to be wrinkled? Yes:Q8 No:Q10

  10. have the habit to take notes? Yes:Q14 No:Q13

  11. look at the magazines or newspapers of the person sitting beside in the train or bus? Yes:Q15 No:Q10

  12. adding to your savings monthly? Yes:TypeA No:TypeB

  13. the economy crisis will be more serious in the coming future? Yes:Q12 No:TypeC

  14. your watch have more than 3 mechanical hands? Yes:TypeC No:TypeD

  15. lacking patience to listen to what others have to say? Yes:TypeD No:Q14

one can be optimistic or pessimistic, which type are you?

TypeA: extremely pessimistic
your life is in black n white. situations tend to come up every now n then, not giving you a chance to enjoy the simplicity of being happy. being a perfectionist, unnecessary thoughts stirred anxiety in you. try thinking more positively, it might steer you towards more successes.

TypeB: slightly pessimistic
you are very emotional, everything else depends on your mood, including work, life n love. others are forced to consider how you feel before approaching. try to reflect on your actions n how it might affect others. you are not a complete pessimist, but tend to rely too much on your emotions.

TypeC: slightly optimistic
you are a positive thinker, but when unfavorable situations come up, you will switch immediately to the negative side. try to analyze the problem calmly n not jump to conclusions. try to relax n solve the problem rationally. it helps in your growth n you will be a much happier person.

TypeD: extremely optimistic
you are very clumsy when it comes to intercept the feelings of others, which also makes it difficult for others to influence you emotionally. you are free to be yourself, but is unable to understand others thoroughly. you tend to do something without considering its consequences.

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