Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Personality Test: Dinner

Doll (Picture)

there is an arranged dinner with your lover's parents. you are late, what is the most possible reason?
A. spending too much time on makeups
B. the car broke down
C. stomachache, ran to the washroom
D. need to head back for the wallet/purse

are you a difficult person in marriage?

A. spent too much time on makeups
- materialistic approach
you believe your house must be beautifully decorated to live a happy life. you emphasize on surroundings n furnishing. as long as the both of you agree to such spending plan, there should not be any problem getting along.

B. the car broke down
- longed to be understood
conflicts are often triggered when you feel that you are not being understood. you take it for granted that the other person should already know what you want, know your thoughts, n tend to your every need. you are a fast learner, but the other person will have to be patient enough to train you, just so the both of you are able to work well together.

C. stomachache, ran to the washroom
- too straightforward in expressing one's feelings
you might need to learn to rephrase what you were trying to say. being too straightforward, what you meant as a joke might hurt the other person. you tend to speak your mind without considering others' feelings or reactions.

D. need to return for the wallet/purse
- a completely different lifestyle
both of you may have a lot of different habits n preferences, thus causing dissatisfied among the both of you. try to accept each other for who they are, appreciate each other more, a lot of conflicts can be avoided.

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