Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Personality Test: Life

Doll (Picture)

  1. will you voice out loud when you come across a disturbing issue?
    Yes:2 No:3

  2. will the good always win over the bad in this complicated society?
    Yes:5 No:4

  3. is diamond your favorite gem?
    Yes:6 No:7

  4. will you married someone with a very bad financial status?
    Yes:8 No:9

  5. should parents have control over your marriage?
    Yes:10 No:11

  6. do you dislike the smell of onions?
    Yes:12 No:13

  7. have you ever fall in love through the web?
    Yes:14 No:12

  8. is plastic surgery acceptable?
    Yes:11 No:13

  9. do you still play with fluffy toys?
    Yes:14 No:12

  10. sometimes you aren't even sure what are your true feelings?
    Yes:A No:11

  11. you won't clean your room everyday if it is not necessary?
    Yes:B No:12

  12. do you wear different clothes everyday?
    Yes:C No:13

  13. you are very talented artistically?
    Yes:D No:14

  14. do you think the characters in romance novels are a bunch of idiots?
    Yes:E No:F

what are your attractions n who suits you best?

Type A
you are soft n elegant. others feel relax n natural being around you. you are best with someone that share the same interest. he/she must be gentle n enjoy a quiet environment since that is your strength. loving you can be very relaxing. try not to pay any attention to the rumors, trust your heart.

Type B
you are passionate n cheerful. you give huge impression even to those who meet you for the first time. you are best with someone humorous n having a good temper, just so they can accept the child in you. he/she may not have to be as lively as you, but must have a positive attitude, else love could be stagnant for you. let each other know how important they are to you more often.

Type C
you are classy n sexy. you pay great deal of attention to how you dress n present yourself. you are often the center of attention, dress up for an occasion is your strength. one may not have to be good looking to be your lover, but the feeling must exist. he/she may look too common to be noticed, but constantly aiming for a better life will be their greatest attraction to you. he/she must be generous to support you financially. give him/her gifts more often to show that you love them.

Type D
you are flashy n mysterious. you are sometimes cold, sometimes warm. deep n inconsistent, you are a mystery to everyone. when someone is curious enough to come uncovering your secret, he/she is in love with you. he/she must be very persistent n confident in loving you. sitting tight n wait patiently for you to reveal your true self to them, thus able to live happily together. you don't have to let them know instantly that you love him/her, but remember not to drag too long.

Type E
you are steady n matured. you are hardworking n good in socializing. having the upper hand of being matured, you handle things very well no matter how sudden it occurred. he/she doesn't have to be matured or successful to be your lover. it is best if he/she is depending on you, they will be grateful with your lead n love. bring him/her to somewhere quiet n romantic to tell each other how you feel.

Type F
you are elegant n slightly sad. your tears n sadness are what caused others to fall for you or to feel like they wanted to protect you. you need someone who is matured n emotionally stable. he/she needs a lot of patience to take care of your emotional needs. he/she should be humorous as well, so you are not filled completely with sadness.

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