Thursday, August 26, 2010


Buildings (photogra)

on the third day she stopped sharing every itsy bitsy part of her life with him, she slept drowning in own tears. numb from all the restrains, from not speaking her mind, it killed her to not be herself. suddenly there's nothing to mention, nothing even seemed worth mentioning. the balance was frighteningly lost.



  1. You know in any relationship, I think the girl is always the one that shares her life with the guy. I think girls are more open that way. Guys, on the other hand, is more quiet, not the talkative type. It's hard sometimes to have a balance when one is always willing to share and the other keeps it to himself.

  2. Hmm...speak up and voice out your frustration. :D

  3. and she stay in this abandon shops lot for a night.... :P
    Hahahahaha.... Cheer up levian.
    If he not meant for you, there always many men outside there that deserve you more. Don't limited your option.

  4. sounds like a wandering soul... lost.. not knowing what to do.

  5. there's always a point in liife when someone gets choked and couldn't voice out... it takes time to recover too

  6. RoseBelle:
    tell me about it. when you thought opening up is what we all should do, it's just so frustrating when you realize it was only the surface that was shared.

    thanks, tekkaus. i did, n all that was left to do is just wait. :)

    oh my, it pains me just to think of it that way. no, i'm not a quitter, a little challenge isn't enough to frighten me off. i'll choose to wait n see how it turns out. :)

    exactly, at some point, it's difficult just by sitting around waiting.

    tell me about it, its a struggle when the depression suddenly kicks in.