Friday, August 20, 2010


for no known reason her heart ached, rumbled aimlessly through nothing in the dark. it was usually the weight of his secrets, unveiled bits n pieces that seemed insignificant that taunt her when least expected. loaded with too many hidden past, too many unknown characters that burst out of thin air yet never failed to intimidate her.



  1. Meaning...your past or something that you have done come back to haunt you?

  2. Tekkaus:
    oh, not mine. i face people n things head-on,
    just to have no regrets;
    which is also why i hide no secrets from close ones.
    but now, it seemed like i am the most foolish one.

  3. wasn't this fasting month also a ghost festival for chinese?

    Not all secret meant for sharing. thats why they called it a secret, I guess.

  4. Zezebel:
    ah yes, it is currently the ghost festival as well. i've gotta agree to what you just said. though went through a little heartache, at least the lesson was learned. now is probably the time to start holding back, keeping some secrets for myself seemed like a wiser choice for now. :)

  5. hmm??? what's the connection with ur blurb and the bingo set?

  6. renaye:
    nothing really. the photographs n the emotions just happened to be around at the same time. :)

  7. sometimes ghosts of the past can really be's better not to dwell on any

  8. Ayie:
    very true. once we learn to accept n adapt, things became clearer n it is so easy not to dwell. :)