Monday, November 29, 2010

Old Rex Cucur Udang Cafe

Old Rex (SE f100i)

back in the old days, Rex cinema used to be popular for its fried snacks sold right outside the cinema. after the cinema was closed, several coffee shops tried to use its name for business. here are the remaining 2:

1. Old Rex Cucur Udang Cafe
2. Rex II Kopitiam

"Old Rex Cucur Udang Cafe" is located at Rubber Road, behind SCR (Singapore Chicken Rice), Kuching. it feels more traditional if compared. however the signature chili sauce (topped with crush peanuts) n prices for the fried snacks, remained identical for both branches. below are more photographs of the food n price-list. separate into 2 posts, stay tuned for "Rex II Kopitiam".

Old Rex (SE f100i)


  1. There is a special shop for cucur udang? :p

    What is Chicken Tail? LOL :D

  2. And yeah Levian, please vote for me (Christopher) to be the Nokia Socialista King

    Don't forget to validate your email. Thanks. :) Please ask your family & friends to vote for me too. :p

  3. 哇, 看起来很不错也! Yummy!

  4. i love cucur udang and that looks delish.

  5. I have not tried cucur udang in Malaysia. Can find in West Malaysia?

  6. this one look delicious levian.
    My place got plenty of prawn but no one selling cucur udang. Hehehehehe....
    Maybe can asked this aunty come and sell it here.

  7. tekkaus:
    i suppose it is a polite way of saying chicken butt. XD


    life ramblings:
    it sure is! being so crunchy n all.

    i'm not exactly sure, but i assume it can be found together with loklok.

    maybe you should! making it another variety for you guys to choose from.