Thursday, January 20, 2011


Design (SE f100i)

hairs fell under their scissors, floating weightlessly as none care to pay them any close attention, hitting the floor with a soft swoosh. she arrogantly lead them ahead, taking charge whenever someone was lost or missing an instruction or two. standing in front of one of the mirrors, he proudly boasted how fortunate they are to be together for days n nights. doing what they like for life, he showed ultimate passion. but apparently he wasn't dependable enough for her, nor did she like being told what to do, she bulldozed her way through the non-stop flowing customers that came charging through that door. reading her expressions, he quietly took in all her rejections n switched on an acceptance mode. love reflected in his eyes, the harsh treatment reduced nothing he felt so deeply for her.



  1. Sounds like conflicts? :D Must well like all other conflicts...they can be resolved.

  2. rejection can be so painful

  3. tekkaus:
    seemed like a normal everyday situation to me. they both seemed well adapted to such atmosphere, which only seemed awkward to the rest of us who paid attention.

    how true, i wonder if guys see it in another angle compared to us?

  4. Reminds me of a bad hair day XDD.

    Eventually, tears flowing out of the eyes... makes us stronger. We move forth faster and we let go earlier :).

  5. ladyviral:
    seemed to me, he didn't mind a little mistreatment as long as they are together. far from being disturbed, i supposed he took the rejection as one of the attention she gave him. no hard feelings.

  6. I just love the way you paint these moments with your wonderful words...

    "love reflected in his eyes, the harsh treatment reduced nothing he felt so deeply for her."

    Beautiful, Levian!

    And I really like the photo you took. Awesome light!

  7. ron:
    thanks! glad you liked them n not getting confused over the story. i love playing with words but unfortunately, not many are able to understand them. hehe. thanks again!