Monday, January 10, 2011


Lamp (SE f100i)

she held both her hands straight out in front of her, feeling her way around the room, straining her eyes in the hope of seeing into the darkness. the familiar body temperature that was usually so conveniently draped around her was nowhere within reach. she continued to roam anxiously in the dark, blinded from seeing where each step might land her in. it was suddenly unbearable, choking by her very own breath. the night continued to extend, coldness graciously remained to keep her company. she increased her speed only to be greeted by more darkness. that very moment, she was unable to imagine the Shift playing a part in her life.



  1. Oooooo...this was chillingly wonderful to read!

    Cute photo! I love squirrels!

  2. ron:
    thanks! it was actually a fox, hehe.