Saturday, January 22, 2011


Cat (SE f100i)

more than once she tried to influence her customers, pushing them towards the direction she wanted with their decisions. decisions that favored only herself n her pack. deceiving those who trusted her, willingly paying for her knowledge n service, yet completely ignorant of being conned. swore to satisfy her customer, words were merely tools for her to gain further benefit. she was a true hunter behind the persuasive smile; skillful, coercive, n the deadliest among the pack. one after another fell into her trap. the rest of her pack revealed weaknesses n obvious contradicted attitudes, which unfortunately were often brushed aside. signs one ought to be paying attention to, especially with whom one was signing a contract with.



  1. She will falter sooner of later. If there is no trust...the is nothing. :/

  2. Ish, I dont like this kind of person....

  3. What a cute teapot! Btw, how do you pour it since I can't see the handle? : D

  4. Hi levian - LOVE the teapot. That is what it is - Yes?

    I have an award for you at my blog. I think your Stylish!

  5. tekkaus:
    i would like to see that happen, deceiving others like that, there is no ethic left!

    who does?

    it's not a teapot, it is used for soy sauce. so you won't need a handle since its not too warm to handle.

    it is a container for soy sauce actually. thanks for the award! i saw it n am so grateful that you shared it with me, thanks again!

  6. a deceitful way to earn a living

  7. lina:
    tell me about it. i was totally thrown off by the abrupt change of attitude.