Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Lighting (SE Vivaz)

it has gotten harder n harder to bear, dragging herself forward one day at a time, indulging herself in every temporary sweetness she found along the way. but all these were significant than what she had in mind. despite the anxiety, she knew deep down that good things come to those who wait, n it was the journey so long, so difficult to wrestle through that matters, n not just solely the destination itself. for that, she was grateful. obviously He did a perfect job dividing the good stuff equally ahead of time. so near for her to smell it yet so far for her to reach out for it. so many good stuff waiting deliberately for her, teasingly procrastinating for them. so absolutely delicious that sometimes just the thought itself caused her giggle staring into thin air.



  1. Wait...and pray for your wishes will be granted. :p Yupe. They say good things will come to those who wait. So wait lor.

  2. TEKKAUS: hah! well versed! wait, checked. pray, checked. i guess we'll just have to continue waiting n praying!