Saturday, June 25, 2011

The Wanted: All Time Low (2010)

The Wanted - All Time Low

The Wanted is a British boy band formed by 5 members (Max, Siva, Jay, Tom, Nathan), whom were gathered through a mass audition in 2009. they released 4 singles & 1 self-titled album so far. "All Time Low" (2010), "Heart Vacancy" (2010), "Lose My Mind" (2010), n "Gold Forever (2011). their debut single, "All Time Low" (2010) has a dance-pop genre. the combination usage of classical n modern musical instruments were implemented, especially on its opening where strings instruments were used, was a huge attraction for many, me included!


  1. Never heard of them. Haha :D But they rock!

  2. I've never heard of these guys before, but great video!

    They kinda remind me of the Backstreet Boys, only better!

    Thanks for sharing, Levian!

  3. TEKKAUS: they sure do! i guess we were less exposed to them because they were based in British?

    RON: they reminded me of them too! only prettier, hah! but honestly, who could beat the BSB, they were like classics, absolutely perfect together!