Friday, November 04, 2011

The Immortals #3: Shadowland (2009)


under Roman's spell, Damen was poisoned and lived like a normal teenager instead of an Immortal that roamed the earth for 600 years while searching of Ever's incarnations. after so many trials, they never did success. this time when Damen finally decided to make Ever an Immortal like him just so no harm could come to her, they got together only to be forced separated soon. desperate to save Damen from dying, Ever made the wrong choice by listening to Roman and worst, using his antidote. although Damen immediately recovered from his ill-state, they could no longer exchange body fluid, which means even a kiss could kill Damen by plunging him into the Shadowland, a place filled with darkness and no exit. at the same time, Ever's aunt arranged for Ever to work in her lawyer firm during the summer holiday, which Ever tried to avoid by looking for a job herself. she ended up at the bookstore where Ava took her before disappearing. instead of meeting the owner Lina, she met with her grandson Jude. Ever felt different, knowing there was something familiar about Jude that caused them to be attracted to each other. Damen took Ever on a mind's journey, allowing her to meet her previous incarnations, where she alarmingly noticed that Jude's past incarnations were also always around. Ever tried to convince Damen that she only had eyes for him and not Jude, but Damen insisted on a cooling period for both, with the purpose of giving her a chance to know Jude and made a choice between these 2 men. when Ever desperately tried to reverse Roman's spell on Damen and fighting from being drawn to Jude, she found the Book of Shadow at the bookstore, and with the help from Jude, tried to decipher the powerful book.

Ever was such a lovable character in the first book, but now in the third book, she has gotten annoying and too rebellious for an advice or two, even when it came from Damen. she has gotten so impulsive that only after something went terribly wrong, she started to regret not listening. not to mention all the foolish decisions that she made! the spooky twins however, had advanced into a bigger role than the previous book. despite the creepy silent communication between them, or how they enjoyed having Damen all to themselves while casting Ever aside, they had really started to surface and had me attracted to them and their in depth knowledge on witchcraft. on the other hand, it was quite a let down to see again, another person was there to complicate the relationship between Damen and Ever. i was hoping to finally see where their relationship can lead them for a change only to have the whole Drina-thing happened all over again, the only difference was last time it happened on Ever and this time on Damen. Roman, whom i thought would play a huge part for this book, didn't either. he continued to provoke Ever, taunting her into submitting herself to him in exchange for Damen's antidote. but that's all he did, no big evil plan to take over the world, not even Ever's life. it would have been so much more fun if something would have happened at the end of the book like the previous 2 did. despite all the fun i had going through the book, i felt being left hanging, even suspecting that it wasn't a complete book until i found out that i wasn't the only unsatisfied reader out there.

author: Alyson Noël
published: 2009
genre: Fantasy

The Immortals series:
- Evermore (2009)
- Blue Moon (2009)
- Shadowland (2009)
- Dark Flame (2010)
- Night Star (2010)
- Everlasting (2011)

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