Friday, November 18, 2011

The Immortals #5: Night Star (2010)

Night Star

after Jude misunderstood and killed Roman during Ever's last encounter with him, there went her last chance of ever getting the antidote for Damen. Haven swore revenge and boosted her Immortal's power through her addiction to the elixir, and became the most influential girl in school. according to Roman's journals, Damen did something in the past that he tried everything to cover up from telling Ever in this life. Ever found out that during one of her past life as a slave, Damen bought her and kept her away from her family without giving her a choice. not long after, her family died tragically in a fire. she kept her distance with Damen while struggling to determine who was the one for her, Jude or Damen. the Rogue Immortals fought among themselves with the elixir Roman left behind, which caused Haven's addiction to get out of control. she threatened to kill Jude and Miles while demanding for Ever's elixir.

although the books had been going downhill for the last 2 books, i was both happy and surprised to find Night Star (2010) an easy read, almost as easy as Evermore (2009) and Blue Moon (2009)! more and more i grew to dislike Jude's character. for obvious reasons we knew that he was and always will be an extra, a third person between Ever and Damen's relationship. but apparently Ever doubt Damen enough to almost broke-up with him just to see what was it like to get together with Jude. fortunately for us readers, we didn't need to be furthered annoyed by Ever's childish misjudgment and indecisive behavior for the second half of the book. she finally accepted things for what they were and tried to fix all the messes she created in the previous books like an adult. on the down side, they had been trying to get their hands on the antidote since the third book, but after 2 books of different and failed attempts, they were still nowhere near it. the problem got old so quickly that any elaborations on it only made it even more tedious to read. but more than ever, the series left me with hope, for a perfect end for everything, for a reward for following the whole series thus far!

author: Alyson Noël
published: 2010
genre: Fantasy

The Immortals series:
- Evermore (2009)
- Blue Moon (2009)
- Shadowland (2009)
- Dark Flame (2010)
- Night Star (2010)
- Everlasting (2011)

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