Thursday, November 24, 2011

The Immortals #6: Everlasting (2010)


after all that they went through, Ever and Damen were finally together. all that was left was to seek out the antidote. without the antidote, any exchange of body fluid between them could kill Damen. while Damen was happy with the current situation, planning for a vacation; Ever insisted on researching upon the old lady they met at the dark side of Summerland. the old lady insisted on calling Ever by the name of Adelina, which drew Ever's curiosity on whether they had an incarnation before Damen was turned Immortal. Damen fiercely rejected the idea, but agreed on giving Ever a week's time to research on the matter. when they set out to meet the old lady called Lotus, they were sent on a separate journey in search of their past and soul. a journey which also made Ever realized that there were more than enough people that had been around her for all the incarnations.

as much as the whole Immortals (2009-2011) series went up and downhill from one book to another for me, i was still very grateful to have enjoyed it! there weren't any last minute twist to make the whole story end in one big impact, but i was happy enough for it to reduce speed increasingly while reaching a halt. for this final installment, Ever had transformed into an adult so radiant and reliable that she became instantly lovable; Damen, on the other hand, despite all the unconditional love talks, had became surprisingly stubborn and hardheaded. Alyson Noël truly impressed me by creating a mystical world where the Immortals were well hidden among the unsuspecting humans. it was so spellbinding that i only just realized that it was also partially a romance genre, which most of the time i would choose to stay away from! she had such a beautiful way with writing, making it feels so simple and straightforward, yet so filled with surprises to keep the intensity of the story going. it actually felt sad having to said goodbye to the Immortals (2009-2011) series, but at the same time i'm eagerly looking forward to read her Riley Bloom (2010-2012) series, injunction to to the Immortals (2009-2011) series, for Riley was Ever's younger sister!

author: Alyson Noël
published: 2011
genre: Fantasy

The Immortals series:
- Evermore (2009)
- Blue Moon (2009)
- Shadowland (2009)
- Dark Flame (2010)
- Night Star (2010)
- Everlasting (2011)

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