Monday, November 14, 2011


Toy Cars (SE Vivaz)

she pressed her lips together and stared blankly straight ahead, wishing secretly that she could climb inside his head and see the thoughts that he wasn't keen on sharing. getting to the bottom of everything that happened within these 2 days. despite the confident smile he gave her, or the dismissive shrug he hoped she would buy, nothing he told her for the past 10 minutes made the least bit of sense. when he tried to further persuade her that all was fine, she shrugged, fully convinced that something was up, though knowing better than to say it out loud. she looked straight into his eyes, hoping for a glimpse of recognition or defeat where he will then admit and lay out the scheme. but none of that happened as he continued grinning foolishly. surrendered, she pushed her way through him into the room.


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