Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Riley Bloom #2: Shimmer (2011)


after solving several cases of "soul catching", Riley, Bodhi and Buttercup were enjoying a vacation by the beach. Riley came across a vicious black hound and decided to help it cross over. she followed the hound, ran into a ghost named Rebecca. Riley soon learned that despite the sweet appearance, Rebecca was an angry ghost, murdered during a slave revolt. she kept the slaves who died during the same incident, trapping them within their worst memories. experiencing being trapped and escaped from her worst memories, Riley was determined to free everyone, including Rebecca.

knowing the style the book was written after reading Radiance (2010), it became an even easier read and less disappointing by having very little expectation towards it. the incident, which focused more on the slave revolt and less on Riley, made it interesting to read. based on an actual incident that took place back in 1733, it was equally gruesome and barbaric that it was painful to imagine yet at the same time, managed to keep the suspense high and intense. unlike Radiance (2010), Shimmer (2011) had a satisfying climax to it.

author: Alyson Noël
published: 2011
genre: Fantasy

the Riley Bloom series:
- Radiance (2010)
- Shimmer (2011)
- Dreamland (2011)
- Whisper (2012)


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  2. From the beginning of the book Riley's anger is emphasized for maximum affect. And so is her impatience and while I normally can not stand Riley's attitude on another person for some reason I really like her how she is and it is hard for me to find her selfish way of think about herself anything but endearing. It is probably helped out by the fact that she does have times where she is completely unselfish and only wants to help out the people around her. It is all about balance and she is a good example of it.