Sunday, January 29, 2012

Women of the Otherworld #4: Industrial Magic (2004)

Industrial Magic

murders targeting supernatural children were at lurk, although Paige had been thrown out of her Coven of witches, she joined Lucas, her sorcerer boyfriend, with the attempt to track down the mysterious killer. Benicio, the head of the Cortez Cabal, also the father of Lucas, got involved when some of the children killed belonged to his employees. Paige was also concerned over the safety of Savannah, a 13-year-old witch whom she took care of. to know more about the mysterious killer, Paige got in contact with Jaime, a celebrity necromancer, and Cassandra the vampire.

4th book into the series, Industrial Magic (2004) was by far the most difficult to read. the first half of the book had me dragged so far into some random wild goose chase, where i found myself skipping lines again. the second half however, was simply engaging! especially when things started picking up pace, pieces stitching together, even the actions became more meaningful. as heated as it was in Dime Store Magic (2004), where Paige first started working with Lucas, Industrial Magic (2004) steered clear of romance. which wasn't a let down as i started to see some growth in Paige, other than being the rebellious witch, often overly protected by her mother.

author: Kelley Armstrong
published: 2004
genre: Fantasy

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