Friday, April 06, 2012

Women of the Otherworld #12: Spellbound (2011)


the twelfth book of the Women of the Otherworld series (2001-2012) continued to follow the story of Savannah, the witch. she was on the run with Adam, the fire half-demon and her best friend since childhood, where the witch-hunters were sent after her. to make matter worst, Savannah had lost her power. they proceed with their investigation stealthily, and to their horror, discovered that the threat was directed at everyone in the supernatural world. the werewolves, necromancer and sorcerers were gathered, split up again to approach the matter from all angles. Savannah was forced to work around her lost powers to keep friends and family safe, only to discover that her powers didn't completely leave her.

i absolutely enjoyed reading about Savannah, almost as much as i loved reading about Elena the werewolf! having almost every character throughout the series appearing in one book was an overwhelming sensation, making it felt like this was the master plan behind the whole series after all. there was a group of supernatural that believed that it was time to come out of hiding, exposing themselves in the human world, Savannah and her gang had to eliminate these members before they destroyed everything. with these complicated conspiracy-like plot, the series will come to an end with the next book, Thirteen (2012), expected to be released by July this year.

author: Kelley Armstrong
published: 2011
genre: Fantasy

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