Saturday, March 17, 2012

Women of the Otherworld #8: Personal Demon (2008)

Personal Demon

eighth book into the Women of the Otherworld (2001-2012) series followed the story of Hope the chaos-demon and Lucas the sorcerer. Hope's demon side caused her to lunge herself towards chaos, striving and hungered for it. it also gave her the ability to sense and detect chaos and experienced the visions of any chaotic events. Benicio Cortez offered her a job, spying upon a gang of young supernaturals that aimed to rebel and take down the Cortez cabal, she thought she had found a perfect solution to feed her demon within. but when Hope fell dangerously for one of the member named Jaz, her ex-lover, Karl the werewolf arrived.

it was different having Hope and Lucas sharing the spotlight in this book. but the different point of view added more spices to the otherwise confusing story of Hope, so overly filled with chaos, more than she could ever handle it herself. being as innocent and guilt-ridden as Hope, it was fascinating seeing her struggled against her demon-self, drooling over every last bit of chaos she came across. romance together with quite a number of unexpected twists were enough to race me through the book. the contradictions between Lucas and his father Benicio were no stranger to many, yet it happened in such a large scale that more than 400 would be effected with every one decision made. it was a responsibility i hoped for Lucas to shoulder but was equally eager to understand more of the choice that he would make.

author: Kelley Armstrong
published: 2008
genre: Fantasy

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  1. So it's like the inability to exorcise the demon in you? Then the dark side of you became more prevalent? :p