Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Women of the Otherworld #9: Living with the Dead (2008)

Living with the Dead

the ninth book of the Women of the Otherworld (2001-2012) series followed the story of Robyn, a human who was framed for murder. when a photograph was sent to Robyn from her client Portia, Adele the clairvoyant was accidentally in it. before the photograph destroy her future, she had to eliminate those who had access to it. after killing Portia, Robyn was next in her list. when Robyn came looking for her help, Hope the chaos-demon knew that the supernatural were involved. at the same time, Finn, a detective and necromancer, was assigned for the case. Robyn found herself trapped within a world she never knew existed.

as much as i love the whole series up until now, i found Living with the Dead (2008) a difficult read. not only did it evolved around a human, it was slow paced and somewhat tiring to jump in between too many character's point of view. Robyn started out being lovable, yet she failed to grow on us which eventually led to her being a less attractive character at the second half of the book. most of the time it was her running away from Adele, who had the ability to "see" her location. in overall, i enjoyed Hope's perspective the most for this book, maybe a little of Finn's, but definitely not Robyn's.

author: Kelley Armstrong
published: 2008
genre: Fantasy

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  1. Wow...jumping between too many characters? Must be difficult for you to keep tab huh!