Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Blood Lines #1: Blood Kiss (2005)

Blood Kiss

Tori was killed, drained of all blood and placed on the coffee table like it was an altar. Sarah, her roommate, can't stop dreaming about the killer. the dreams so vivid and terrifying that she tried staying awake just to avoid seeing them. that's when she met Nick, a vampire that hadn't fall for anyone for centuries. they were attracted to each other instantly. but the serial killer behind Tori's death, was Nick's creation, Marcus, a sadistic vampire that gave in to his animal side after he was turned. with their love on the line, Nick had to kill Marcus before Sarah became his next target.

it was a simple storyline, but definitely well planned and engaging. with Sarah's psychic power growing along with their hunt for Marcus, it was absolutely nerve-wrecking wanting to know what happened next! despite the excitement, it was actually fun knowing Marcus will eventually find out Sarah's location after her multiple attempts of mind-invasion. a nasty character, but at the same time a pitiful one, Marcus was a villain with a sad childhood, which boosted the animal side of his. unfortunately, no better end suited a character like his than a clean and painless death.

author: Mechele Armstrong
published: 2005
genre: Fantasy/Romance

Blood Lines series:
- Currents (2007)
- Blood Kiss (2005)
- Conduit (2006)
- Crimson's Rose (2006)
- Night's Journey (2007)
- Bitter Love (2008)
- Surge (2009)

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