Thursday, April 26, 2012

The Vampire Journals #1: Turned (2011)

Caitlin had just turned 18 when she was forced to change school, her mother wanted to move again. inside the busied building, she finally met someone friendly enough to talk to her, his name was Jonah. she felt comfortable with him, waiting and always eager to meet him. but before their romance can blossom, Caitlin felt herself changing. she got superhuman strength, felt sensitive towards light, and worst, a desire to feed. her craving led her to the wrong place at the wrong time, where she was caught between dangerous covens, a vampire war initiated by her awakening.

although it took her quite a while to figure out that she was a half-breed vampire, Caitlin was still a relatable character. her experience believable, her struggle understandable, which made all the waiting felt worthwhile. her attraction towards both Jonah (the human) and Caleb (the vampire) however, sort of ruining her character that buildup within us during the read. but in general, the book was an interesting and fast read. the cliffhangers left many incomplete developments that can be both frustrating and engaging, which also pulled us towards its second installment, Loved (2011).

author: Morgan Rice
published: 2011
genre: Fantasy/Romance

The Vampire Journals series:
- Turned (2011)
- Loved (2011)
- Betrayed (2011)
- Destined (2011)
- Desired (2011)
- Betrothed (2011)
- Vowed (2011)

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