Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Watchers #1: Isle of Night (2011)

Isle of Night

expecting to start a new life by attending college in a new town, leaving her abusive father and step-mother behind, Annelise was devastated to realize that she cannot be accepted because of an incomplete academic score. that was when Ronan appeared, promising her a new life if she had the courage to explore the unknown. she was brought to a mysterious island, coming across more recruited girls, who like her, will be trained to be a Watcher. Watchers will be partnered with Vampires and assisting them. but to become a watcher, Annelise had to survive and outsmart every other girls, failing to do so means death.

as much as i hate to side with her archenemy, i have to agree that Annelise had a very nasty mouth. she reminded me of Faythe from the Werecats (2007-2010) series, provocative and afraid to show her soft side, she had to go all out with words, spatting in everyone's face. unlike Faythe, she has yet earned my love even though i had finished the first book. the storyline of the strict training these potential girls received however, was engaging, as if i personally followed and keep score on their growth. but of all the characters introduced, there were still a lot left barely untouched, most probably covered in the coming books.

author: Veronica Wolff
published: 2011
genre: Fantasy/Supernatural

The Watchers series:
- Isle of Night (2011)
- Vampire's Kiss (2012)
- Blood Fever (2012)
- The Keep (2013)
- Dark Craving (2013)

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