Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Orochi - Blood (2008)


Orochi came to the Monzen family mansion as a housekeeper. Aoi Monzen was the owner of the house, a superstar with 2 daughters, Kazusa and Risa. but the Monzen family had a dark secret, the beautiful women of the family will gradually became hideous and rot away once they passed the age of 29. Aoi hoped for her daughter to take over her legacy, but Kazusa doesn't lived up to her expectation, her strict teaching causing the sisters to grow up with hidden hatred.

the story evolved around the Monzen women, with Orochi as the narrator, who reawakens every 100 years. she spent her time on earth watching humans struggled with life. the Monzen's dark secret was something unique and made the plot different than what was often expected. however, the story progressed in a very slow pace, it took quite a while for the direction to become clear and for the excitement to surface.

some background on the drama:
- episodes: 1
- director: Norio Tsuruta (鶴田法男)
- released: 2008
- cast: Yoshino Kimura (木村佳乃), Mitsuki Tanimura (谷村美月), Noriko Nakagoshi (中越典子), Taro Yamamoto (山本太郎), Kyusaku Shimada (嶋田久作), Yoko Oshima (大島蓉子), Natsumi Yamada (山田夏海), Satoui (佐藤初), Seika Kuze (久世星佳)
- language: Japanese
- genre: Horror


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