Monday, May 14, 2012

Stepfather Step (2012)

Stepfather Step

the twins, Tadashi and Tatsuki, happened to lost both their parents on the same day, whom each ran away with their lover. before they were able to figure out how to hide this from their teacher, they found Kaito King. Kaito King was a skilled thief wanted by the police. one night during his mission, he tripped and hit his head, waking up at the house of the twins. they knew who he really was, but in return of keeping his secret, he had to pretend to be their father in front of their teacher.

it was an entertaining drama and often humorous. it was easy to find myself laughing at the circumstances, but there were also some touching and heartwarming moments, not to mention some truth about how adults often behave around children, assuming they wouldn't notice the difference. the twins were perfect for each other, one knew how to cook, while another knew how to do laundry. as unbelievable as it seemed, they can basically survive without the aids of adults, which probably add a few more points to their cuteness.

some background on the drama:
- episodes: 11
- director: Shinjo Takehiko (新城毅彦), Yamashita Manami (山下学美)
- released: 2012
- cast: Kamikawa Takaya (上川隆也 ), Konishi Manami (小西真奈美), Hirayama Aya (平山あや), Shibuya Tatsuki (渋谷龍生), Shibuya Itsuki (渋谷樹生), Sudo Risa (須藤理彩), Watanabe Ikkei (渡辺いっけい), Ito Shiro (伊東四朗)
- language: Japanese
- genre: Family/Drama

Stepfather Step
Stepfather Step
Stepfather Step
Stepfather Step
Stepfather Step

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  1. Sounds like an interesting movie, thanks for sharing it!