Tuesday, May 08, 2012

Trylle #1: Switched (2010)


the story started with Wendy's mother's outbreak, claiming Wendy was not her child and attempted to kill her on her sixth birthday. Wendy grew up to be a troubled teen who struggled to blend in. with her brother Matt, and aunt Maggie, they moved from one place to another whenever she was expelled from school. in her new school, she met with a mysterious student named Finn, whom she often found staring blankly at her. their unlikely friendship bloomed until she was found using her persuasion ability on another student. Finn confronted her and revealed that they are from a tribe of trolls called Trylle.

the first book i came across that used Trolls as their main character turned out to be a huge mess. in the book, Trolls apparently looked like any other human being, but having special abilities. Wendy was switched at birth, so she could grow up in a rich family before taken back to the Trolls community, where she was the Princess. Finn was a tracker sent after Wendy. she went about fighting her heritage, running back to her human family, getting kidnapped by some Troll enemies, etc. as the story went, Wendy obviously fell for Finn, who had to save her from every trouble she got herself into. but Wendy herself, was where the story went wrong. she wasn't a lovable character, at all. in fact, she was very, extremely irritating, which also made the read very tiring.

author: Amanda Hocking
published: 2010
genre: Romance/Supernatural

Trylle series:
- Switched (2010)
- Torn (2010)
- Ascend (2011)

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  1. Interesting review, I think I have to check this out!