Sunday, December 02, 2012

Steamroller (2012)


Carson was the popular boy in school, a superstar quarterback so often surrounded by everyone. Vince was a nerdy biology student, loner and spent all his time studying and doing part time ever since his family threw him out for being a gay. one encounter brought them together, with Carson forcing his way into Vince's life. Vince couldn't get himself to believe that the superstar was falling for him, but when the news of Carson's injury reached him, he was desperate to fly to his side to check how he was doing.

Steamroller (2012) was absolutely delicious! everything was so beautiful and sweet that Vince had no idea how much his life was going to change after meeting Carson. he was overwhelmed by the attention and unsure of Carson's and his own feelings for each other. the incident happened at a perfect timing, forcing Vince to face his fears and insecurity, accepting the special treatment he received. it was easy to enjoy every moment they had together, the banters were both sweet and hilarious to get into.

author: Mary Calmes
published: 2012
genre: Romance

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