Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Slide #1: Slide (2012)


while everyone believed that Vee was a narcoleptic, it was just a front. instead of falling asleep uncontrollably, she was actually passed out while sliding into somebody else's mind and experiencing the world through that person's eyes. her sliding problem had gotten worst these days, especially when she slide into someone who held a bloody knife while standing over Sophie's slashed body. Vee's younger sister, Mattie were best friends with Sophie and Amber. when Amber was killed soon after, Vee had to do everything to protect her sister.

the book was an extremely fast read. despite the initial confusion, the moment i started experiencing Vee's slides, it became clear what the main attraction of its plot was. it was so captivating i found myself compelled towards her ability to restrain herself from going into everyone's head. the mystery of suicides and murders kept the edge on, making it difficult to not feel curious towards each of the suspicious characters and possible motives.

author: Jill Hathaway
published: 2012
genre: Mystery/Paranormal

Slide series:
- Slide (2012)
- Impostor (2013)

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