Friday, May 17, 2013

The Road to Mercy (2012)

The Road to Mercy

Josh was a Christian singer who married Bethany. the story started with Bethany preparing cookies, welcoming Josh home from his tour. however, after feeling a tremendous headache, she fainted in her kitchen only to be discovered later by their neighbor Alex. she was rushed to the hospital, where Josh arrived not long after. they were given terrible news regarding Beth's recent headaches. it was caused by her carotid artery. due to its danger, surgery was out of the question. it could only depend on Beth's healing ability, especially when they discovered that she was also pregnant with their first child.

after reading pages into the book only did i realize that i picked a Christian book to read. not being a huge fan of religious books, i instinctively wanted to put the book down. but after a second thought, i decided to finish it since i was in fact, the one picking it out. fortunately, the book was an easy-read. there were plenty of over-elaborated moments that made me skipped lines, but in overall, the dramas made the book very enjoyable. as for the predictability of the storyline, it was obvious that everything had to end perfectly since it was God's reputation that it held.

author: Kathy Harris
published: 2012
genre: Christian/Romance

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