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In Love with Power (2012)

In Love with Power

Taiji was the first Emperor of Qing dynasty. he formed alliances with the Mongols and Manchu clans through marriage. first he married Jerjer, who became his first wife; later he married Jerjer's nieces, Yuer and Lanzhu. Yuer and Lanzhu were half-sisters, but due to the clan's hierarchy, Yuer was a princess, while Lanzhu was a servant. while Taiji's love was divided among his concubines, soon Lanzhu held all his attention and became his favorite. knowing she will never be Taiji's favorite, Yuer focused on her son's upbringing with the help of Dorgon, Taiji's younger brother.

while Yuer was a character easy to love, her naivety was sometimes frustrating to watch. being pampered since young, she trusted too easily, especially her half-sister Lanzhu. with revenge in her mind, Lanzhu was sidetrack many times, switching targets along the way. as for Yuer, having made the mistake of choosing the wrong man to marry, she paid with her happiness. her sense of justice and determination got her through the most difficult times, which led her to bring her grandson, Emperor Kangxi to his throne. despite being an unhappy woman, Yuer was strong, seeking peace in every little thing.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episodes: 38
- director: 李慧珠
- released: 2012
- casts: 袁姗姗, 刘恺威, 张檬, 韩栋, 蔡少芬, 王琳, 乔乔, 周牧茵, 包文婧, 邓莎, 童彤, 黄文豪, 王琳, 刘恩佑, 孙坚, 沈泰
- language: Mandarin
- genre: Drama

- 美人心计 (2010)
- 唐宮美人天下 (2011)
- 山河恋·美人无泪 (2012)
- 王的女人 (2013)

In Love with Power
In Love with Power
In Love with Power
In Love with Power
In Love with Power

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